Sunday, June 22, 2008

Lesson Plans

Unit Title:The Power of Language; How Words Change Our World

Lesson Plans:
Level: Grades 6-8

Teacher Objectives:
  • Define and explore transformative literacy
  • Provide critical framework for integrating new and diverse literacies in secondary classrooms
  • Promote community, national, global, digital citizenship
  • Turn the writing over to students
  • Publish/share student writing in an anthology
  • Extend colleague collaboration, connect to other schools/teachers around the country
  • Allow students to share work
Student Objectives:
  • Write expressively and develop unique voice
  • Raise awareness by setting social change in motion
  • Write about problems in school/neighborhood
  • Explore political power of the written word
  • Research topics such as racism, poverty, segregation, and human rights violations
Guiding Question:How does poetry function as a vehicle for social change?

Final Product: Poem & pamphlet
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