Sunday, June 22, 2008

SAC is about empowerment. We provide a free curriculum (powerful lessons, videos, activities, and rubrics) for 6-12th grade teachers who wish to challenge their students by questioning society's power structures and the world at large. We do this through an academic framework so teachers and students can connect creative writing such as slam poetry, speeches, and essays that explore topics of social justice. Use this free site as a guide for teaching voice, compiling student anthologies, and encouraging critical responses from your students. This curriculum issues of social justice and responsibility through a proces of reflection, anlysis , and creation. Our aim is to support you advocate for poetry, action, and change.

SAC gives middle school and high school teachers relevant resources, student samples, and useful links for presenting the Language Arts curriculum in a powerful way. This allows middle school teachers to explore how poetry functions as a vehicle for social change with their students. SAC is proof that poetry moves students to take a deeper look at the issues facing their communities.

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